Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Color Blocked Lady Skater (No4)

As you might have realised by now, I looooove the Lady Skater Dress pattern and just couldn't stop myself to make another one. But don't worry :) I have also fallen in love with the new Moneta Dress pattern from Colette. So as soon as I get my hands on this pattern, you will be seeing loads of Monetas.

Fabric: When making this dress, I was trying to use as much scraps from my stash as possible and I managed to use two! You might remember the grey fabric from my second lady skater and the dark purple one from my Burda raglan top.

I think another sway back adjustment will get rid of the folds in my back.

The pink fabric I have from my stash, yeah! I bought it 3 years ago in Cloth House in Soho (that was when I didn't know about cheap fabric in Goldhawk Road). The pink jersey is quite stiff and I think you usually use this ribbed jersey for wristbands and neckbands. But, I really wanted to get rid of it :) 

Construction: I made only one adjustment - I shortened the upper chest/armhole by 1/2". Then I did some serious squeezing to cut the bodice from the grey fabric leftovers. There are still some scraps left - like for panties - but most of it is gone.

I topstitched the seams down.

Because I had sewn the lady skater already three times, sewing the color blocked variation did take no time. I just took my time and tried to match the side seams as best as I can. I didn't bother to use my twin-needle and top-stitched only with a normal jersey needle on a slightly longer stitch length.

Do I like it? I love it! And I have worn it several times already. The only thing I don't like is that the stiff pink fabric likes to cling to leggings and tights. But I found an old skirt, made from polyester, in my closet, which I can use as a petticoat and then the dress sits perfectly :)

Matched side seams.

Will I make it again? No 5? I might! After I looked at these photos and realised which adjustments I could do to improve the fit even more, I really want to sit down on my sewing machine :) Luckily for you, I have a swollen knee since one week (no idea why - too much sewing, haha?) and I am not allowed to use the sewing machine. Maybe I should practice to use my left leg instead? Have a great week!

Where you wondering why I didn't show my shoes? That's why!


  1. I love this! I don't have enough matching jerseys in my stash, otherwise I would've tried to make a colour-blocked Lady Skater right away! I'm in love with this pattern, it hugs the figure so well and carmouflages the critical zones :D Hope your knee gets better very soon, so you can start the Moneta Dress! x

  2. I like the colour blocking! And I don't blame you for making lots of versions of this dress - they're all quite different and I think if you've found a pattern that you like and that works well for you then it makes sense to sew up a few versions. I definitely want to make a Lady Skater soon, and you're right - the Moneta looks good too! Hope your knee gets better soon!

  3. Great look with the color blocking and what a nice way to use up stash fabrics and scraps! 4 times now! that is amazing and they each look great :)

  4. Ooo! This is gorgeous. I love the fabrics you've used, and the fit looks great to me.

  5. What a lovely scrap busting project!


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